Is there a local management company with a proven record of successful condominium management?


Meet Lansing Area Condominium Services, Inc.

For over 10 years, we have been taking care of your neighbors, business associates, golf partners, family and friends. They would be happy to share with you how satisfied they are with our services!

We offer Full Service Management & Maintenance of condominium associations. Our services include, but are not limited to; accounts payable & receivable, banking services, miscellaneous office services, building repair, window and door installation, siding & aluminum cladding, lawn mowing, weed control, pruning, weeding, planting, snow removal, deck cleaning & sealing, painting, etc. Because we provide these services with our own staff we are better able to control the quality of the work, as well as coordinate services.

Employees are fully trained and in uniform. All of our trucks are clearly marked with our name. Our equipment is well maintained.

Our after hours emergency “On Call” is not a call center. Our emergency phone is staffed by our own employees on a rotating basis.

Our management style is involved and active. We not only attend your monthly meetings, we are in contact with Board Members throughout the month, keeping you up to date with problems which come to our attention and offering our years of experience to help guide you to make informed decisions for your association.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, we would be glad to hear from you.

What does a full service management company do?


They let Board Members sit back and enjoy condo living just like the other owners.

Our office and management staff take care of collecting your dues, handling your bills and your banking, keeping accurate financial records and create monthly reports. We also keep an eye on your budget and make sure your reserve accounts are adequately funded for future repairs. We attend the Annual Meeting of your Association as well as scheduled Board Members.

Lansing Condo Services has licensed residential builders on staff. We gladly do all building maintenance repairs except for asphalt and concrete repairs and roof replacement. We are currently involved in changing wooden siding in several associations to maintenance free products, such as concrete siding and in some cases, covering the trim boards with aluminum coil.

The maintenance staff has attended the US EPA training program for Lead Paint Renovation and Lansing Area Condominium Services is considered a “Certified Firm” for doing this work.

We not only work on the exterior of the buildings for the Association, we are also available to work directly for owners on updating the interior of their unites with new cabinetry, hardwood and ceramic tile floors, granite counter tops, painting and drywall repairs including full kitchen and bath remodels and basement finishing.

What makes us different from our competitors is that all work is done by our own employees, so we control the quality of the work. We don’t have to chase miscellaneous vendors who do poor work or half a job and never come back to finish. We are here, we can’t hide and will take responsibility for all our work.